This site is the home of Camp Horizon media files.

Photos from recent years (2020-2021) are on the Summer Camp Photo page or the Retreat Photos page.

Videos on the Camp Videos page are mostly 2000-2021 with a classic 1990 video.

Photos prior to 2020 are being posted in Classic Photos. Use the categories and tabs to find specific years.

NEW: Photos from 1970 – 2000 are being loaded on Historical Photos.

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Prior to the digital age, the first videos were made using VHS tapes – edited with two machines using stop/start technique. We have not located any copies of those videos, though we suspect that they exist. Several were lost in a fire.

Prior to videos, a highlight of Friday night was the Slide Show. These were 35mm slides. We even got fancy with two syncronized machines which provided a fade in/out display. Most of those slides are also gone, or scrambled in boxes. Many were destroyed. There is a box of slides that has been in storage at camp that we are working on.

YOU CAN HELP! The fiftieth year of Camp Horizon at Leesburg is 2025. In preparation for this celebration, we are trying to digitize at least some photos and video from each summer. Most of the ones that were at camp are done, now we are working with personal albums.

Do you have photos/video/tapes from Camp Horizon that you would like to share? Send a message to news@webchapel.org with details and we will determine the best way to get a copy.